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U.S. players move away from USA to play Online Poker

Would you change your country to play online poker?

After "Black Friday" many American players are faced with a difficult decision - to stay and live without poker, or move to another country and continue to play poker online. With the end of WSOP 2011 more and more players are leaving the country. Many professional players who play for a living simply have no choice.

There are rumors on the Internet that PokerStars is helping their players out of the PokerStars VIP U.S.. A manager of the PokerStars VIP system when confronted with this rumor said that PokerStars does not offer any special services to players who choose to leave the U.S.. This choice is entirely with the player, but the PokerStars VIP will help players to get their documents in the new country of residence approved more quickly.

Canada has been the main destination for American players, mainly due to its proximity and language is English. There are no special services for players willing to change country, but the manager of the PokerStars VIP in Canada will help those who choose to do so. However, this service certainly is not just to help players to move to Canada.


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